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“You're more than a Bride and this is more than a Shirt”

DESTI.LAND is adored for its statement Tees and is proudly known as the Home of the Original Destination Bride Tee. 

At DESTI.LAND, we've created a land where our business mirrors our beliefs.



Our tees are built to last past I DO, both physically and spiritually.
And it is true that our tees are as our founder says, "everything you want to say, without having to open your mouth". We can also argue that DESTI tees improve with age and can continue to be worn once the wedding journey is over as they take on a totally different meaning - and that's where the fun comes in. 


For example, take our THIS IS AN ADULT-ONLY AFFAIR Tee...
 1/2 "No kids at my wedding"
1/2 "I'm sexy and only a real man/woman can handle my milkshake" 


Each tee tells a story, so have fun figuring out different ways to use them!  

We believe that it is important that your tee reflects you, and as citizens of the world,  we challenge the status quo by putting the Earth first, these are our non-negotiables: 


It took 7 months of testing to come up with the Perfect Tee and Journey Tee - the staples of our DESTI® collections. Durability, softness, comfort, fit and quality make these tees just right and we're damn proud to say so!  For ultimate comfort, we're Team Tagless Collars all the way. 
The cut is amazeballs — not too tight, just sexily boyishly enough — but still feel sophisticated.
These T-shirts are the retail equivalent of no-makeup makeup.



Insisting on a humane work environment for any partners that we work with and push to create the best tees in the industry,  we work solely with 100% Sweatshop Free Manufacturers that have a USA-Strong manufacturing approach, meaning they do all dyeing, cutting and fulfillment in the U.S.
Some sewing is done in Los Angeles as well, but the rest is done in Central America at facilities that are exactly like the ones our suppliers manage here in the U.S. 
Each of your tees will tell you what country created it with love.



Our manufacturers work on a Solar Powered Sewing and Cutting Floor and our inks are water-based and eco-friendly.  They are CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified, which means they are safe to print on youth/children’s clothing and reduce environmental waste. 

Our manufacturer dyes all of our fabric in California at dye houses that use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer, producing virtually zero waste.

As technology advances so will our eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to use the best tees around while still putting Earth first. We invite you to join our movement and know what you're putting on your body.
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