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DESTI® is about celebrating the kick-ass destination wedding couples who make this wedding world a better place.

The people who take huge risks planning a wedding with vendors at a venue away from home, but continue to pick themselves up and push forward to their big wedding week.

The people who hear unsolicited opinions every single day, but stay motivated and keep their eyes on that beautiful wedding week in their paradise.

The people who haven't taken a day off from wedding planning in so long that they forget what it's like to not have to make a decision.

The people who don't just break the wedding traditions and rules, they change the game for all of us. 

The DESTI brand is about these people.

We share their passion and use it as rocket fuel to create each item you will see on our site. 
We are DESTI - THE Destination Bride Brand

Tirelessly dedicated to inspiring and representing destination wedding couples, the destination wedding week, and everything in between.

If you are on the path to creating a destination wedding yourself, you are the embodiment of DESTI.


Every piece is a love letter to the Desti journey and you -- the couple who is proudly planning to marry the love of your life wherever in the world you choose. 

The tongue-in-cheek line, DESTI is the of-the-moment musing of former destination bride and founder, Omi Allen. Tired of the same old boring “Bride” shirts and lack of representation and acceptance of the destination bride, Omi draws inspiration from shared experiences and the thoughts that cross the mind of anyone who has been on the destination wedding planning journey and translates those inspirations into basic pieces that make a big statement. From your favorite destination shout-out to your motivational meditations and quirky wedding guest issues and deepest darkest thoughts...the line is everything you want to say, without having to open your mouth.




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