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Hey DESTIs! I’m Omi!

This will the first of many more posts related to the Wonderful World of DESTI, because well, I'm the founder of DESTI and if you can't tell by now I suffer from an acute addiction to destination wedding planning... and...speaking my mind.

First of all - thank you for taking the time to get to know me and the DESTI brand. This is so true to my heart and I'm so happy that this is really HERE!

I wanted this first post [INSERT SUPER CHEESY GRIN] - I repeat, FIRST POST to explain where I'm coming from in my conquest against "boring bride shirts".

First off - hello! My name is Omi Allen and I am the founder of DESTI™. in DESTI-Nation Wedding Brides, Grooms, Professionals - get it? ;)

I founded the DESTI brand because, well - I love destination weddings and have gained a fond appreciation for the destination wedding planning community while planning my own wedding this year.

The Facebook Groups and Forums are filled with Destis willing and wanting to help others plan their own destination wedding - it’s crazy! So inspired, I started my BlackDesti blog and Bridefriends podcast to add more usable and easily accessible personal advice and it's been an amazing experience!

I’ve never seen so many people come together to open up, share their own personal details and personal experiences to help me and other Destis feel comfortable and loved on their journey to their own destination wedding.

And because Destis aren’t widely accepted as brides and grooms and are still seen as taboo to some, I feel like these groups were a part of an amazing underworld of sorts. It’s a beautiful experience!

But here’s the thing that bothered me about this destination wedding community…

You’d never know who these couples were by looking at them.

While planning my own destination wedding, I quickly realized that here are soooo many boring “Bride” and “Groom” shirts out there - but nothing dedicated to Destination Bride and Groom.

Being the stubborn Taurus Woman that I am, I held a quiet protest against the “Bride” shirt because I felt that it didn’t quite do justice to what I was going through...and it wasn’t fair.

I kept asking myself, “Why is there NO DESTINATION WEDDING gear out there?”…”Why can’t Destis represent?”

A great perk to being engaged is being able to tell people you’re getting married - this we ALL know. We can’t wait to scream it on the mountain tops!

But as a Desti - there’s an additional magic to be able to tell people that you’re having a destination wedding. And a so much comes with that decision, so why can’t we Destis represent. Destination Weddings are different, so why can’t we look the part too?!?

Now we can! Welcome to DESTI.Land! 

As a Desti, I know what it is really like to plan a destination wedding and wanted to create a company that celebrated this beautiful craziness. I saw too many companies making gear that focused on the fluffy “I’m getting married” sayings and left it at that.

DESTI.Land stocks basic pieces that make a big statement pieces. designed to celebrate and empower the destination wedding couple - or as I like to say - the Desti.  
Every piece is a love letter to the Desti journey and you -- the couple who is proudly planning to marry the love of your life wherever you choose in the world. 


Spread the word and let the world know there's a new "Bride" shirt! Enjoy our PRE-LAUNCH PARTY Sale and Get 20% off everything and Free US Shipping Orders $50+

Wishing you the best week of your life, 

P.S. Here are 5 of the 500+ photos from my Desti Wedding Day - hey, what else am I supposed to do with ALL of these pictures? Best answer: Share them with you - yeah - I know. Feel free to share yours with me too and let me know what your favorite shirt is in the comments! I'll share mine in the next post. 

All photos are by our amazing wedding photographer duo - Shenko Photography!

P.S.S. These photo was taken exactly 5 months from the day of this post publish date - also known as the start of the DESTI PRE-LAUNCH PARTY. [INSERT 5-MONTH ANNIVERSARY DANCE]

P.S.S.S. (I don't even know if that's a thing) Don't forget to share your engagement, wedding + lovey dovey photos with me too and let me know what your favorite shirt is in the comments! I'll share mine in the next post! 


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